Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter woes

I've been feeling guilty because I remember doing many fun and educational things with my oldest when she was preschool, but I really don't do as much with the two littlest.  I rationalize that it's harder doing some of those things with the littlest one in tow.  And it is, but should that stop me? 

I also hate going out into the world in the winter.  With all the coats and hats and mittens on top of all the other things that we always have (diaper bag, stuffed animals, snacks, cups, etc) it's a pain.  It's cold and often messy with the kids stomping in snow and slush and mud.  Times like these I really really really miss living in San Diego where you can go to Balboa Park any time of year and see the zoo, museums, the merry-go-round or just swing on the swings. 

So, to get over the funk I'm making plans to go to the Aquarium in Baltimore on Friday.  Hopefully by then whatever weather event that's brewing will be gone and we won't have too much of a mess to contend with.

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