Friday, January 21, 2011

Can I Have a Hallelujah!

It's nap time - whoo hoo!  At least it's nap time for the littlest of our clan, who today has done her best to make the biggest impression.  This morning while I was drinking my coffee I thought that Zoey was with Violet playing in their room.  I was so very wrong.  She was actually hiding out in my closet where she discovered that she's now tall enough to pull my sewing box off its shelf.

Greg discovered her after his shower - thread unraveled, pins and needles and other supplies everywhere.  Argh.  So I cleaned it all up and we went about our morning.  But I made a couple of very grave errors, I put the box back on the same shelf and I decided to take a shower myself.  This is what happened:

Sewing box dumped.
Bath toys dumped.
Potty seat repositioned.

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