Sunday, January 30, 2011

It was a total barforama

Well, we kicked off our weekend at 4am on Saturday with a stomach bug that hit both adults in the house.  Zoey succumbed later in the morning while Violet stayed her chipper self and Lorelei ran for the hills to a friend's house.  Greg and I took turns being semi-conscious and watching over the children all day Saturday.  Times like these I wish I lived in the same state as my mom or my sister. 

It was a fast-moving bug - Zoey was totally recovered after her nap and thankfully by evening Greg felt well enough to eat some crackers and stomach making food for the little girls.  It took me until about mid-morning today to feel mostly normal. 

Lorelei was invited to sleep over at her friend's house last night.  I was grateful, but it turned out to be not so great when she threw up in her sleep at 2:30am.  I had turned off the phone upstairs a few days ago because it was waking Zoey up during her nap and I never turned it back on, so they called and called and called and finally just had to bring her home and bang on our door until we woke up. 

Poor thing, Lorelei is a terrible sickie.  She takes it as a personal affront, a great injustice - she's so indignant about the whole thing.  So, she's been laid out all day and I'm going to probably keep her home from school tomorrow.  She'll throw a giant fit because she hates missing school.

In unrelated news, we've been talking about our big girl bed options for Zoey and haven't been able to agree on what to get.  We have to come up with something very soon since she's climbed out of the crib at 4am two nights in a row.  At least she comes to our bedroom and isn't wandering the house.


  1. Actually we had a stomach flu right after Christmas. It ran through 7 members of our family - out of 10. It was so terrible that it hospitalized my 84 year old mother for 4 days. Whatever is going around seems to be hitting everyone. Glad you guys survived.

  2. We had the stomach for Christmas, too! Not fun at all. So sorry about your Mother.