Friday, January 7, 2011

Take action now!

Maryland recently passed a law that you can only use your cell phone while driving if you have a hands free device.  It's a second tier sort of offense - you can't be stopped for doing it, you can only be ticketed if you're breaking the law in some other way also.  This is an important safety measure for drivers, but I think there is a greater menace to our safety on the roads:


Think about it - have you ever seen the woman driving the car in front of you suddenly disappear for a few seconds before bobbing back up into place?  Have you seen some pyscho swerving the mini-van all over the road?  It's because her kid just dropped her Bouncin' Babbles on the floor and won't stop screaming about it.  Or maybe it's because everybody's clamoring for a snack that has to be handed back.  Or their sister won't stop touching them so Mom has to reach back with a karate chop to separate them.  Or the damn Red Robin balloon won't stop attaching itself to the back of Mom's head.

Measures need to be taken.  Since it isn't really practical to ban children from cars, I think mini-vans and other family-oriented cars should come standard with soundproof plexi-glass between the front and back seats.  Better yet - it should be something opaque with maybe a small window so you can use the rear view mirror, but not enough of a view that you have to see all the madness going on back there. 

Call your congress representative today - get something done about this now!

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  1. I have to agree with you on this one. In Sophie's very early months, she hated the car. It was so bad that she's scream and cry to the point she'd make herself spit up and be covered in sweat. I was such a nervous wreck every time I drove with her. I'm surprised I didn't run someone off the road. Cell phones are nothing compared to this trauma. By the way, CA has a law that we can't talk without a hands-free device nor can we text.