Monday, January 17, 2011

Party all night, stay awake all day

Why oh why oh why do I keep letting that kid go to sleepovers?  Greg and I were talking last night at dinner about how much easier (not easy, just easier) it is to manage two kids versus three because Lorelei was spending the night with a friend.  Never should have said anything because karma (as always) came back to bite me in the ass. 

Pretty much every time she goes to a sleepover, the next day always ends in a giant fight and Lorelei ends up being sent to bed very early.  Tonight she picked endless fights with Violet over nothing, she refused to eat her mac'n cheese because I gave her icky whole grain pasta and no matter how calm we try to stay in the face of her irritability, she is never satisfied until Greg and I have both completely lost it and have to punish her.  So, she was sent to bed at 7:00pm. 

She just cannot handle all the fun and staying up late, it always sends her over the edge.  She so needs her beauty sleep.  Since birth she has been an early riser, when she was a toddler her wake up time was 4:30am.  We alternated who had to get up with her so we could take turns being a zombie for the day. 

Once she knew how to read numbers we put a digital clock in her room and told her she could not wake us up until it said SIX OH OH.  There was one glorious morning when she actually slept in until a few minutes after 6:00am, so she missed seeing the SIX OH OH - that was the first morning since her birth that we woke up on our own with no kid-alarm going off!

Now she generally sleeps until 6:30 or 7:00am, but alas, we have two others to make sure somebody is up by 6:00am.  Thankfully Greg decided a few years ago that I was a much nicer wife and mother if he got up with the super early girls and let me get a bit more sleep.  I think he's a keeper.

PS - next weekend should be just as fun, Lorelei has a birthday party sleepover on the schedule.


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