Friday, January 21, 2011

Not a Pirate's Life for Me.

Last night while I was making dinner, Violet was playing Pirate.  She informed me that I was the "Cooking Pirate", Zoey was the "Little Pirate" and Lorelei was the "Bean Bag Pirate".  Easy enough - I could play along by doing what I was doing. 

A few minutes later she came into the kitchen clutching Mickey Mouse to her chest and told me that somebody (I missed hearing exactly who) was trying to steal her baby.  Since we were playing Pirate, I say in my best pirate voice, "Aye, I'll have a talk with the lad."  And then I gesture grandly and say loudly, "Ye be leavin' the baby alone.  No stealin' the babe!"  She looked at me like I was absolutely insane.  Apparently we weren't playing Pirate anymore.  But I asked, "Did that make you feel better?"  Very pertly she replied, "Sure!" and went about her merry way. 

Oh the fun we have!

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