Monday, January 3, 2011

It's gonna be a happy new year...part 2

On our drive back from visiting family in NC last Wednesday Violet started complaining about not wanting to go to school.  Five full days before she would actually have to go to school and she only goes two days a week for 4 hours a day.  She's never had a problem with it before.  As a matter of fact I'd get the daily report on who cried when their Mommy left. 

Once she asked me if she should be crying because so many kids were those first couple of weeks.  I asked her if she thought she should, when she said no I replied, "It's because you know Mommy is coming back, right?"  Nope, it was because she didn't miss me. 

So, why, after all this time, is she making such a big deal about it?  The last day before the break she cried and cried (I warned her teachers about the crying = barfing equation) and I left her struggling in her teachers arms.  This morning was much worse.

She cried at home, in the car, and when we got there.  She started coughing and the assistant teacher grabbed a trash can just in case.  I saw she had things under control so I headed down the hallway with Zoey crying because she didn't want to leave.  I'd taken maybe two steps when I the teacher said, "Oh, wait, uh, she's urinating."  I went back in to the classroom to find the poor assistant teacher grabbing for paper towels with Violet standing not just in a pool of pee, but also a puddle of barf. 

Welcome back to reality.


  1. Oh my. What an experience.

    You know, you and I seem to have a few things in common. You are caring for a child and I am caring for an adult child - my mom. There are some real similarities.

    Except, you are lucky because your daughter will outgrow this with time.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I imagine your job is harder - especially emotionally.