Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well Your Nobody Called Tonight...

I was laying in bed listening to the deep breath sounds of my husband sleeping, feeling a little resentful at how he falls asleep almost as soon as the lights go out.  Thoughts of tomorrow's activities, chores and errands were running through my head.  Finally I drifted off to sleep...only to have the frigging phone ring at 11:34pm.  Husband answered but no one was there. 

I snuggled back into the covers, but that late-night-unexpected-phone-call adrenaline rush was too much for me - plus, I was listening once again to the deep breath sounds of my husband sleeping, feeling totally annoyed.

Usually I keep the ringer turned off on the phone in our room, but we learned our lesson about that a month or so ago.  Lorelei was spending the night with a friend and got sick at 2:30am - they called and called us, but the ringer was off and the cell phones were downstairs.  We didn't wake up until they were beating down the door. 

And now it is 12:48am.  I already played my Scrabble words on five of the six games I have going on Facebook.  Yes, I know, it's an affliction.  I am totally going to regret being up this late tomorrow - or later today, I guess. Should I go back to bed and see if sleep will find me?  Or should I just watch Parenthood on the DVR?  Decisions decisions.


  1. Are you still awake? I can so relate. So many times it's me and me alone that's up forever. Watch Parenthood. I would, but it hasn't finished recording yet for me.

  2. I ended up going back to bed, fell asleep relatively easily. Slept in till 7:30, so maybe I won't be too tired this afternoon.

  3. Your post reminded me of this song that I had totally forgotten about! They never play it on the radio! Been stuck in my head all day now. Thanks.