Thursday, March 3, 2011

The dog ate my kid's homework

If you're thinking about having children or you already have one and are thinking about adding on, I want you to think about something first.

Remember way back when you were in school?  You had homework, right?  When you were young enough it was fun and your parents often helped you.  As you got older, it got harder and increased in volume.  You didn't like it quite as much and you complained about it.  Your parents helped sometimes, but they were sort of a pain about it - always making you think for yourself and such.

Now, think about that in a different way.  You're going to be the one collecting stuff to make that first grader's collage or trying to figure out that math problem that you can solve easily, but in no way can you describe how to solve it to a second grader.  And later when they're a teenager you'll have to deal with attitude (however, an elementary school age girl also provides plenty of attitude and drama).  Not to mention the math is going to be even harder to remember.

I did not think about this before having kids.  I've only made it up to having one kid in the third grade, but the GT projects are already killer.  And I had this terrible terrible epiphany last night...the other two kids are going to be in school in a few years.  Then there will be THREE kids who will have homework.  I don't think I'll be lucky enough for the other two to be as self-motivated as the first one is, so that's even more work in my future.

Sigh.  I hate homework.

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