Tuesday, March 22, 2011

They're coming to take me away he he ha ha ho ho

Sometimes living in my house feels like living in an insane asylum. 

No nap for Zoey today - put her down twice, the second time I really thought it would take - until she walked in on me showering.  She wanted me to open the giant chocolate bunny pop that a neighbor had brought over for her.  Violet must have given it to her - you know, to be kind and helpful - because Zoey didn't know it existed and wouldn't have been able to reach it on the counter if she had known.  I took it away from her and it got to finish off my shower with me in the shower caddy.  Of course, before I was able to get out of the shower Violet had to come in and inform me she was done with her soccer ball marshmallow pop.  Is it so wrong to want to shower alone?

Earlier today Violet called to me to help her in the bathroom.  When I walked in she said, "Hey Mom, wanna see my poop?!"  I said, "Yeah, sure, I'm dying to see your poop."  Not quite the right thing to say to a 3-year-old.  "WHAT?  Are you dying?!"

Since Zoey wasn't taking a nap, it's only natural that Violet, who doesn't take naps anymore (at least not on purpose) fell asleep on the couch at 3:30.  Zoey left her alone for a while, but eventually started in on her puppy act, barking at Violet and jumping on her until she cried.  This is something new in the last few days - she barks for things instead of using words.  She's finally talking really well, so it seems appropriate that she'd now turn to barking and whimpering instead.  Yesterday at the Korean market she was yapping and whining, so I was cooing at her that she's a good puppy.  When she tried to climb out of the cart (none of the carts there have belts - ach!) I had to sternly say, "Bad dog - sit" so she would sit back down.  I know everyone I walked past in there thought I was crazy. 

But that's okay, because I live in an insane asylum.

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