Thursday, March 17, 2011

Can Bailey's save the day?

Today is one of those days when I all I want to do is be alone in the quiet.  My sleep was dodgy last night and the morning routine was riddled with drama.  All that equals a mom who has already had enough before 10am.

I'm trying to rally - looked up the today's guest for the Mall storytime.  It had to do with reptiles.  Mall storytime is fairly stressful, though - Zoey won't sit still, Violet wants to go to the play area almost as soon as we get there.  Then I have to either fight off requests for a carousel ride or I have to endure the nausea and dizziness of a carousel ride.  So, no, reptiles aren't enough of a draw to make it worthwhile.

Next, checked library activities for today.  Central Library has a St. Patrick's Day theme going on.  Sounds much better.  Maybe we can make it to the 11:15.  I probably won't be showered and my children won't be wearing green (because according to Violet, she wears BLUE on St. Patrick's Day; Zoey will make a token effort at green - but there just isn't much of it in her wardrobe), but maybe this is just the thing to turn the day around.

And maybe I'll hit Touche Touchet for a little Bailey's Irish Cream cupcake.  I highly recommend it - chocolate cupcake filled with Bailey's infused pastry cream topped with a Bailey's butter cream frosting, sprinkled with cocoa powder and topped with a chocolate covered coffee bean.  Yes, I think that's just the thing to make the grouchies go away.