Friday, April 1, 2011

Home, Home on the Range

As I was just puttering around in the kitchen thinking about what will be for dinner, Violet walked in and said, "I know - we'll go to your favoritest restaurant - Red Robinsons!"  No. Just no. I did learn my lesson about that.

We had a fundraiser night for the elementary school at T Bonz earlier this week - so we've had our night out, where I was told (against all expectations and to much disappointment, apparently) my children were very well-behaved.  But thinking about all this made me realize that I have not actually left the confines of my humble home in more than 48 hours - except to retrieve the recycling bin from the curb and to bring in the mail. 

We had play dates at our house yesterday and today, so the early portion of the day was filled, then there is nap time, homework, dinner and clean up, then bath.  By the time that's all over all I want to do is veg on the couch with my sewing and the TV to entertain me.  And maybe, just maybe, have a conversation with my husband.  But only if TV turns out to be disappointing.

I don't know how people do things at night during the week on a regular basis.  I ran into another PTA mom at the adult beverage store last weekend.  I was picking up a bottle of wine for a specific purpose - she was restocking, because you never know when somebody might stop by and you need it.  I was thinking, "Wait, people actually do that?"  Of course, her kids are older; in my little world I never "stop by" anywhere without careful planning and provisions made in advance.  And very rarely does anyone stop by my house unannounced, it's just a product of having little kids.

I was commiserating with a friend today about the state of our lives with little ones - we both realize that in time things will change.  The little ones will be bigger and less needy and (hopefully) less insane in public.  We will be able to do more things out in the world and have more of a social life.  In the meantime, we'll just have to be satisfied with what we've got and enjoy the crazy little people life.

Side note:  I would love having people just "stop by" - I loved growing up in a house where friends, neighbors and relatives always used the back door and never knocked.  And I even bought a few extra bottles of wine last weekend, so come on over!

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  1. If I'm in Maryland, I will be sure to stop by. So, I think you are completely normal. This is coming from a person who changes into pajama type clothes the minute I get home. And the minute Sophie is in bed, all I want to do is catch up on blogs, write and maybe watch TV. Love what you said about the conversation with your husband only if TV is disappointing. Priorities. Oh, and I think I'd be having an anxiety attack if someone stopped by unannounced at my house.