Friday, April 15, 2011

Run Greg Run

I probably should not be blogging about parenting in the mood I'm in - so I'll talk about one of my husband's interests and an upcoming local event.  Greg is a runner - or was.  Since having 3 kids who get up before the crack of dawn it has been harder for him to find time for running that coincides with time that he is also awake and has the energy. 

He generally does a long run on Sundays - usually trail running somewhere in the Patapsco Valley State Park and he aims to run in the neighborhood two other mornings a week, as long as he wakes up early enough.  That doesn't always happen since we often have a lot of activity during the night.  Like last night - Zoey woke up around midnight and came to bed with us - she was pretty restless, but I was too tired to notice.  Unfortunately, Greg noticed, a lot.  Then Violet woke up around 2am and he ended up having to hang with her for a while to get her back to sleep.  So, no running today.

Before kids he ran a lot and he ran in races, although only one marathon - the Blue Angel (as in the Blue Angel Navy flyers) in Penscacola, FL - which is now the Pensacola Marathon.  If you've ever been to Florida, you know it's pretty flat - so the course was pretty flat, except for one spot.  The year Greg ran it was also the first year that a draw bridge on the course had been replaced by one of those bridges that goes way way up into the sky to let boats pass underneath.  There was a lot of moaning and groaning going on over that bridge - I was waiting about mid-way up for Greg, cheering on the runners.  I ended up walking the rest of the way up the bridge with him because all the training he'd been doing for the race had not included any hills - because, you know, he'd been training in flat Florida.

He hasn't done any marathons since; really he hasn't run many races since.  But in two weeks (on April 30) he'll be running in The Hills of Milltown 5K Challenge that is part of the Blossoms of Hope Cherrybration in Ellicott City.  Hopefully the hills be easier to manage since he's been running them for a while now.  If you're a runner you should come on out and join the fun.  My girls and I will cheer you on and be waiting at the bottom of the hills to help celebrate in Parking Lot D.



  1. Aw, excellent! Go Greg Go! :D

  2. I'm in the same boat! Kids really mess with the running. I'll be there at the Milltown 5K as well.

  3. Anne- I'll get the girls to yell really loud for you too!