Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why don't I get a spring break?

Day two of spring break.  Feeling some cabin fever with today's rain.  Interesting dynamic has developed between Lorelei and Violet - they are fighting over who gets to play with Zoey.  If Lorelei initiates some kind of play with Zoey, then Violet will go into Dog/Master mode and start calling, "Here boy, here boy!" Zoey just cannot resist this game - she immediately goes down on all fours and crawls over to Violet, tongue hanging out of her mouth and panting away.  After that it's like that scene in Annie where the dog catcher tells her to call her dog and a bunch of mean-spirited old guys start calling the dog too.  Both of them are yelling, "Here, Zoey, come here!"  The poor kid just runs back and forth until I tell them to cut it out.

I'm not feeling particularly relaxed for our spring break.  This is a busy time of year - I've started calling it "Cake Season."  The little girls' birthdays are five days apart at the end of April, then Greg's is the first week of May and there's mother's day and our anniversary also in May.  We're all full of holidays - and with Easter being so late, we'll also have bunny candy to go with our cake. 

Better start looking into a heavier exercise regimen, or maybe just get some over-sized furniture and call it a day.

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