Monday, December 13, 2010

What would Colin think?

Violet didn't want to go to preschool this morning.  She threw a big fit and said she didn't want to go because her teachers yelled at her.  The yelling she's talking about occurred when Daddy packed Halloween candy in her lunch as a treat, but one of the Whoppers escaped her grasp and hit the floor.  I'm pretty sure she tried to pick it up and eat it anyway and one of the teachers "yelled" to keep her from actually putting it in her mouth.  I haven't been the happiest with her preschool - I don't think they're hurting her or scarring her for life, but I don't think they handle some things in the best way.  But this was weeks ago, so why's she bringing it up now?
She also didn't want to get dressed.  Mondays are laundry day, so the pickings are slim and our sweet Violet has some pretty specific ideas about what looks good (see photos).  So, we searched the closet and drawers and finally found something acceptable.  She looked at herself in the mirror and crooned about how cute her outfit was. 

Immediately following this we revisited the school issue, "Mom, do I have to go to school?"

"Yes, you have to go to school."  Brace for crying...

"Okay.  I can't wait to see if Colin likes my clothes!"

So this whole thing was really about whether or not she was going to look cute enough for Colin?

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