Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Friday, there should be drinking

This has been a crazy week. 

Monday - reorganized the household that had been left to Daddy and girls for 3 days while I was away,  do laundry, make grocery list, trip to elementary school to check my PTA Treasurer's box, etc.  Relatively calm, compared to the rest of the week. 

Tuesday, spent copious amounts of time burning and throwing out a few dozen Chocolate Hazelnut Meringue Kisses (which my husband says look like a novelty item anyway) - major setback in holiday baking, more laundry, last minute grocery trip 40 minutes before the school bus drops off oldest (only because I remembered I'd volunteered to bring cookies to Violet's preschool holiday party the next morning), quick dinner, take Lorelei to dance by 6:15, meet husband there to exchange cars and kids - by the way, dear, the "check engine" light is on in my car, rush home to bake brie for PTA Board Meeting/Holiday Party at 7pm, shatter glass lid to bowl, clean glass, go to PTA thing, whew!  Tuesday's over. 

Wednesday - skip out on preschool holiday party (Violet said, "Mommy, I am a party girl, but you are not a party girl, so you have to leave."), check PTA box at school (expecting important bill that has to be paid, still not there), run a couple of Christmas gift-related errands before Zoey's nap, who does not cooperate, falls asleep at 1pm - luckily neighbor was home and sat with her while I fetched Violet from school.  Make peppermint fudge for teacher who won a PTA thing, clean bathrooms, prep dinner, feed kids, get everyone ready for Lorelei's chorus concert at school, husband runs in at the last minute to shovel dinner down his throat before going to concert where it was so crowded we couldn't sit together.  Both little girls insist they must sit on my lap, Dad gets cushy folding chair all to himself.  Get home late 2nd night in a row, third night with no bath for the girls.  Address most of the holiday cards.

Thursday - gave up on Violet's ballet, so babysit a friend's 1 and 3 year old.  Four children under four.  SNOW - ug.  Beef stew into the crock pot.  Go to liquor store - sale on sparkling wine, get beer for husband and Grand Marnier for baking (leave kids at home with friend).  Make Grand Marnier candy (AWESOME).  Deny children play time in snow - terrible terrible mother.  Reassemble household from morning play session.  Husband discovers gas cap is loose - "check engine" dilemma solved!  Violet falls asleep on the sofa at 6pm -  fourth night with no bath for her.  Bath for the other kids.  8:30 kids all asleep.  Finish holiday cards.  Panic - not a single gift is wrapped.  Wrap 6 gifts, only 6000 left to go. 

Friday - 2 hour delay for school.  Make more peppermint fudge, make pignolia cookie dough, pork barbecue into the crock pot, pack up little girls, deliver fudge to school, pick up PTA mail (bill arrived!), Costco (serious diaper wipe deficit at home!), Pizza Boli's take out, both little girls asleep when we arrive home - HALLELUJAH!  First time all week I've been "alone" at home - watch DVR'd Desperate Housewives while eating pizza. 

Screw the dishes, the toys, the dirty floors, the unwrapped gifts, the unfinished sewing projects and PTA business.  I think there should be drinking tonight.  All (adults) invited - BYO and some for me, too.


  1. And I thought I had a crazy life. Yours takes the cake. By the way, I am SO wanting your holiday baked goods right now.

  2. Should I worry that I have NO idea what big bill you're talking about?