Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The long goodbye

We've entered month two of Violet crying when I take her to school.  At least there hasn't been any more barfing.  I've worried and worried that it was something about school, something happening there that she couldn't articulate, something dangerous.  It's scary being a parent, worrying about what the big wide world has in store for your kids.  That's why I was actually relieved when Violet started crying every morning when Greg left for work.  That relief has pretty much worn off since she also cries when I leave to go to PTA meetings or for errands on the weekend.  Or when she threw a fit about the babysitter coming for a rare date night. 

Now whenever one of us leaves the house (and mostly it's Greg leaving for work in the morning) Violet requires a hug, a kiss, a fist bump and a high five.  And then you have to be called back after the door closes for an additional hug and kiss.  Hence today's title, provided by Greg.


  1. I don't think that the scary part of being a parent ever goes away. My oldest is now seventeen and there seems to be even more stuff "out to get them" now than when they were younger. Oh, and the crying just evolves into stomping, glaring, eye rolling, door slamming and obscenity screaming. But that just means you're doing it right. ;-)

  2. Thanks Ray - you're breakin' my spirit! Well, not really. I just wish they could very nicely say, "Oh Mom, you're doing such a good job. I'm going to be a reasonable human being now."

  3. I have heard that happens around age 25, fingers crossed!