Monday, July 11, 2011

Red Robin, again?!

We're down a kid this week - the oldest has gone on vacation with family friends.  Sounds like a vacation for us, too, right?  Only two kids to manage - hey that's easy.  Sure, you just keep believin' that, Wendi.

Since we're having some air conditioning issues I decided not to cook tonight and heat up the house even more.  I really wanted to go to Victoria Gastro Pub, but alas, the clamor for Red Robin won out.  We met Greg there and the girls were so excited to see him - they both crowded into his side of the booth.  Zoey proceeded to eat her mac and cheese all over me (between us we used about 10 napkins), constantly switched seats, took one bite of every fry in Greg's basket, bumped my arm so my water spilled down my shirt - fun stuff like that.  I did get her to eat a vegetable (sort of) - she stuffed a Ranch-drenched carrot that fell on the floor into her mouth before I could stop her.  But no worries, she sucked off all the Ranch, chewed it up a bit then spit it back into my hand.  I'm sure all the germs came off into my hand.

They were both so worked up and crazy by the end that Greg just took them out to his car while I stayed behind to pay the bill.  As I walked to my car I noticed Greg was still in the parking lot - he was sending me a text:  "Violet lost balloon bring new one stat".  She was crying inconsolably, going on about it being the worst thing that had ever happened EVER.  Once the new balloon was procured Greg said, "Okay, thanks - see you at home." 

"Sure you will, honey."  If only I had somewhere else to go. 

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  1. lol - red robin, yum... that song is always in my head. we always used to make sure the balloons were tied tight to the boys' wrists before we stepped out the doors!