Saturday, July 16, 2011

Please visit me in jail

Someday I'm going to be arrested by the Department of Children and Families or whatever they have here in Maryland because my kids died of either starvation or malnutrition.  But I swear, it isn't my fault. 

Lorelei eats less than most kids we know, but still eats okay compared to the little girls.  It seems like they are living on juice, milk, water and air these days.  And the treats that the ladies at the retirement home across the street give them.  I swear I provide them with well-balanced, colorful meals but most of that ends up on the floor and/or the trash.  When I asked Violet if she wanted some grapes a few minutes ago, she very politely said, "No thank you, I just had a whole cone of ice cream last night" (which she got from one of the ladies).

Aren't they hungry?  I know kids go through cycles in their eating habits - but I don't know how they are achieving an energy level sufficient to keep them upright.  And they don't sit around all day doing nothing - usually they are running around like banshees.  Zoey (the two-year-old who is only 32.5 inches tall) can now climb the rock wall tower that leads up to the top of the play structure at Centennial Park - completely unassisted.  That thing is like 10 feet tall!  She is also proficient at every single jump structure at the Jump Zone - the mazes, the faux rock wall climbs to reach the tops of the slides - everything!  How is she doing this on a quarter piece of toast and a bite of an apple slice? 

Hopefully the next phase of eating everything in sight will come around soon so I can have something new to worry about.

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  1. My eight-year old lives on oatmeal, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, and toast. Oh, and candy. She's a resistant eater and throws up if I try to make her eat things that are outside her comfort zone. The doctor told me to just give her vitamins and a fiber supplement. Mercifully both come in the form of fruit snacks and/or gummi bears.