Saturday, May 28, 2011

Life, Love and Eddie Vedder

 A hundred years ago when I was about to graduate from college, I made a list of goals for my future. 

1. Never own a business suit.
2. Never have a resume.
3. Meet and marry Eddie Vedder.

Okay, I wasn't serious, at least not totally serious.  A short time later, when I started applying and interviewing for jobs, I dutifully typed out my resume and my mom bought a skirt suit for me.  But there was still hope to meet and marry Eddie Vedder, right? 

Funny, in the here and now there is nothing that even slightly resembles a business suit in my wardrobe and I haven't updated my resume in something like 5 years.  I also have not thought about Eddie Vedder (at least not in that way) in years.  Although, I will admit that it has been less than 13 years (which is the anniversary Greg and I just celebrated last week).

And then this happened:  Ukulele Songs.  I didn't listen to the songs in order, the first one I picked was Dream a Little Dream and a little - no, that's a lie - a big shiver went through me.  Oh, Eddie Vedder, how I love thee.  (Sorry honey - you know I love you more, but maybe you could learn how to play the ukulele?)

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